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Best Attempt provides high quality set of questions that are based on CFA© Institute’s course material. Try our sample test of 30 questions for Free.

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Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA © qualification has become one of the most respected and recognized qualification across the investment management industry worldwide. CFA Exam comprises of 3 stages namely Level 1, 2 and 3. CFA Level 1 focuses on providing an overview of fundamentals of investment management and covers basic topics of finance and economics. CFA Level 2 combines financial concepts with application and includes a lot more quantitative application than level 1. CFA Level 3 brings it all together and focuses on applying the knowledge and analysis to practice through a deep dive on portfolio management.

With increasing global coverage and recognition, CFA exam has become extremely competitive. While understanding the course material is important, we believe that rigorous practice and exposure to realistic testing material can increase your chance of success.

CFA Level 1 & CFA Level 2 candidates will get "The Best value" from Best Attempt team for their CFA exam preparation.

Most of the CFA candidates focus more than 90% of their time on understanding the study material. Other than official study material, there is plenty of other reference material from various service providers. Hence, we DO NOT offer ALTERNATE study material to CFA candidates. Instead, we have focussed on and would like you also to focus on high-quality & exam standard CFA practise questions and CFA Full-Length test (FLT). We believe that to be successful in CFA exam, you would require relentless practice of CFA questions. With this vision, the Best Attempt team has developed a comprehensive & high quality question bank and mock tests leveraging CFA institute's course content.

We provide you with subject-wise CFA practice tests (Example: Five individual tests of 30 questions, each spread across all study sessions in Quantitative Methods for Valuation), Full Length Tests (FLTs) and cutting-edge performance analysis. Through our performance analysis engine, you will have a graphical view of your performance to the level of "Readings" and "Specific Study Areas" so that you can focus on the areas that you need to improve before the exam. In addition to your individual performance analysis, Best Attempt also provides peer-to-peer comparison so you know where you stand vis-a-vis your potential competition.